Aliva® 263i Shotcreting Machine

Simple but multi functional

The Aliva 263i is a very sturdily constructed two-axle shotcreting machine for the processing of wet or dry mixes

Working Principle
The Working of the shotcreting machines is based on the rotor principle.The concrete mix is transported by thin stream method (compressed air stream) to the spraying nozzle.

Gasket Plate Lubrication
Automatic lubrication of sealing plates reduce wear and abrasion and thus maintenance costs.

Original Accessories
A large number of well matched accessories allow maximum machine output with high-quality results.

Theoretical Performances
Rotor Volume: 10 / 16 / 25 litres
Output: 10-15m3/h

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Precise and variable

Pulsation Free
Thanks to pulsation free conveyance the thin- stream process is also suitable for manual spraying.

Liquid Dosing Unit
The dosage unit is coupled to the shotcreting machine. The selected accelerator dose is automatically adapted in function of the output of the shotcreting machine.

Concrete Mix AS Desired
Shotcreting machine Aliva 263i is suitable for spraying wet and dry mixes. Case by case you can choose the optimal process. Switching over from dry mix spraying to wet mix spraying can be done without any modification of the machine and without any additional machine components. No need for a pumpable mix with the wet spraying thin stream method. Minimum slump:8 cm

Simple Maintenance
Cleaning of the machines is extremely simple and quick. Hopper and feeder drum swing open thanks to a rotating mechanism.

Product Description
This Aliva 263i is a very sturdily constructed two-axle shotcreting machine for the processing of wet or dry mix.

The machine is suitable either for manual spraying or by means of a robotic arm. The Aliva 263i is developed for the application of shotcrete in tunnels, mines and slopes. The machine has been designed especially for steel fibre spraying.

Product Data

Techinical Data

Length L      2035 mm
Width          1100 mm
Height H 

With rotor 10 + 16 L      1290 mm
With rotor 25 L             1390 mm
With hose rotor 16 L      1390 mm

BASIC/EXTENDED      approx. 1450 kg
Content of hopper      100 litres

Motor output      5/7,5 kw
Speed range      1000/1500 rpm
Voltages           400 V 50 Hz 
Protection         IP 55
Aliva® 403 Liquid Dosing Unit  
Product Description
The appropriately sized dosing unit Aliva 403 for Liquid accelerators enables an infinite setting of accelerator.

The Unit is equipped with a simple control which is done entirely on the dosing unit itself, i.e. the amount off additive is set manually by means of the dosing knob.

Motor Output 0.75 KW
Voltage 400 V 50 HZ

Theoretical Conveying
Conveying output 24-240 I/h
Output Pressure max. 7 bar

Aliva® 302 Telescope Spraying Arm (Robo Arm)
Thanks to its simple and rigid construction, the Aliva 302 is very suitable for mounting onto different types of carriers.

Hydraulic System
Motor Output 5.5 KW
Voltages 400 V 50/Hz
Protection IP 43
Oil Pressure 180 bar

Aliva® 407 Shotcreting System with Local Made Carrier
1. Carrier TATA 

2. Telescopic Spraying Arm AL-302 

3. Hydraulic Unit For AL-302 

4. Shotcreting Machine AL-263i

5. Lifting Platform For AL-263i

6. Accelerator Tank

7. Liquid Dosing Unit AL-403

8. Cable Reel(50 m Cable manual)

The Aliva 263i along with the Aliva 302 Telescopic Spraying(Robot) Arm and Liquid Dosing Unit can be mounted on a local truck chassis (e.g Tata SK 1613 or Leyland 1613s) to form an integrated shotcreting unit.
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